Clients say

Very happy with the “lysthus 10m2 with grill/pipe”, good quality, thick logs and double glass in the windows. Floor is prepared for insulation, 5 cm which is very nice for us up in the North. Quick delivery, 1 week. Very accurate assembly kit, mounted by three men in 6 hours.
Only thing I mean they can improve, is the drawings for the assembly kit. They are poor.
Recommended to trade with.

Atle Malinen

We ordered our Pavilion mid May 2016 and 14 days later it was delivered at the site where it should be installed. We are very pleased with the dialogue during the process from purchase to delivery and we are also very pleased with the Pavilion that is both solid and professional build. It required a pair of strong guys and a few hours to assemble the Pavilion and one must also expect a few days of work to paint it. We are very satisfied and we can recommend both Energy Houses and pavilion.

Tore Johansen

I’m pleased to tell you that a friend and I raised the pavilion yesterday. We managed it in 5,5 hours.
I found the quality of the cabin, the materials, the execution and fitting, excellent. Very good indeed.
It is a joy to build with such a fine set.
If you need recommendations in the market here in Norway, I will gladly be reffered to.

Ørnulf Hjort-Sørensen

I ordered a pavilion of 10 sqm to a nice price. The order and everything around it went smoothly. The pavilion was delivered in pieces as agreed, by two nice gentlemen. Assembly was easy, with help from two friends. One of them was luckily a strong man, because some of the pieces were quite heavy. Those who shall assembly such a pavilion for the first time might need some more hours than suggested in your advertisement, the pavilion consists of many pieces - but, no problem.
I painted the pavilion in red and white, and it looks very nice. I am very content with having bought the pavilion from your firm and gladly recommend it to others.

Sibyl Binne Askildt Bodahl

We ordered a camping pod and it came April 2015. We wanted the insulated model, it was to be used in winter as well. It came partly DIY – build some of it yourself (as agreed). The instructions were quite okey, the camping pod looks great and has been used all 4 seasons.

Hopefully we’ll invest in more in the future, both design and maintenance make them attractive for this location by the Oslofjord.

Marianna Xiros Villard

Ja flott og lysthuset er jeg veldig fornøyd med, flott konstruksjon, flott arbeid, sprossene kunne vært bedre og at det burde vært dørhåndtak tilsluttet Lånekassen i døren. Vi er fornøyd.

Bjørn Jensen

We are very happy with our new Grill cabin from Energy Houses UAB. The service was great and the carpenters who build the cabin did a marvelous job. We are using the cabin several days a week for relaxation and as a social arena with friends and family.

Gunnar Eidhammer